Our product line promotes established

manufacturers of fine avian seed, vitamins,

eggfood and colour enhancing additives.

Abba Grit: The original abba grit for canaries & finches, Abba 1200, Abba 1300, and Abba Green 92.

CeDe: Professional avian products, universal food, yellow egg food

Witte Molen: eggfood (yellow and red).

Chin Ridge: Triple cleaned and polished quality seed.

Just For Birds: Seeds mixed for Canary, Finch and Budgie, and Cockatiel + Soakseeds.

Misc.: Plastic eggs, feeders & drinkers, nesting & cage accessories.

Nekton: Avian vitamins, tonics & Lorikeet diet feed, nectar plus for hummingbird.

Pellets: Chin Ridge




Posters: Large colour avian posters.

Pretty Bird: Complete pelleted diet for all avians

Ravasi: Egg-food - Mito, Red & Yellow enhancement.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Inquiries for other products can be sourced upon request.