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Local avian Veternarians and other important links.

There are several local avian veterinarians available to the aviculturist in the lower mainland (Vancouver area). Omission from this list of your favorite or preferred veterinarian merely means that you, or the veterinarian, have not mentioned that you would like to be listed here.
This list is alphabetical.

CompanyNamePhone Location
Bird & Exotic Animal HospitalDr. Sharon Prus604-596-7387Surrey
Night Owl Bird HospitalDr. Anne McDonald604-724-5100Vancouver

For the traveller or for our long distance customers we will add veterinarians as they are recommended.


See below for helpful advise for the care of your birds


    • Is my Budgie male or Female
    • Help for Splayed Legs


Is My Budgie A Male or Female?

First, how old is your budgie? This often plays a role in whether or not you can tell it's sex. If your budgie is not one year or older, you will not be able to tell for sure if it is a male or female. Look at your budgie's cere (the fleshy patch of skin right above the beak where the nostrils are located). The cere will be tan or brown for a female over 8-12 months, and blue or purplish-blue on a male over 8-12 months. If your budgie is recessive pied, lutino, albino, or fallow, the cere will be white or tan on a female, and violet or blue for a male. If your budgie is less that one year old, none of this will apply. You can also look at behavior to determine gender. Males often bob their heads, sing, and are usually outgoing. Females are usually snitty and bossy over other budgies in the cage, and tend to be quieter.

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