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Pionus Parrots a Complete Guide Pages: 160
Author: Roger Sweeeney Cost: $59.80

Roger Sweeney, with the assistance of the late John Stoodley, has created the new bible for pionus breeders and keepers. This book covers the natural history of all pionus species, pionus as pets and aviary birds, accommodations, diet, breeding, vocal abilities, behaviour, and more. Highlights include an exceptional chapter on the health care and diseases of pionus by Dr. Susan Clubb, and an excellent section on artificial incubation and rearing methods. Useful addresses, appendices, a glossary, and a bibliography round out what will quickly become the standard avicultural reference book on pionus..

Published: 2001

Illustrations: Colour photos by John Stoodley

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 6" x 9"

Published in Canada.

Pionus Parrots Pages: 78
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $37.75

The Pionus are a group of seven small to medium-sized parrots from South and Central America, including such avicultural favourites as the Blue-headed and Maximilian’s Parrot. This is the first popularly priced book on these birds to be published.

Writing from personal experience of every species, Rosemary Low covers all aspects of their care and breeding. The chapters describe Care and Housing, Diet and Nutrition, Breeding, Pets, Health Care and Life in the Wild. These are followed by species profiles, with information under the headings of Distinguishing Features, Immature Plumage, Aviculture and Countries of Origin. A distribution map is shown for each species.

Only information totally relevant to Pionus is found within these pages, based on the author’s experience and that of other breeders and pet keepers. All but one of the excellent photographs was taken by the author, mostly of birds in her care and of their young. Rosemary Low started to keep Pionus in the late 1960s and has always had a great interest in this group of parrots, known for their wide range of plumage colours.

Hancock House Encyclopedia of the Lories.

Pages:: 432
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $105.00

Lories are a group of colorful parrots from Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific region. Mainly nectar and pollen feeders, some species are nomadic, moving around in search of blossoms. Their bright colors and active, and often amusing behavior, make them fascinating subjects for study by bird watchers and bird keepers. Rosemary Low brings together, for the first time, detailed and absorbing information on their natural habits and aviculture.

Rosemary has arranged this most comprehensive book to give immediate access to specific subjects and species. The first part is an encyclopedia covering nearly 100 different subjects from aviaries to conservation and from folklore to nest sites. In the second part, the biology of every species is described under standard headings which provide detailed descriptions of plumage, chicks, eggs, habitat, conservation, and more. A special gazetteer section includes distribution maps and information on localities where lories occur. The encyclopedia's large reference section is a valuable source of further reading - in the unlikely event there is anything else the reader needs to know.

The book is a riot of color, with 140 color photographs of these stunningly beautiful birds. It will leave the reader wanting to know them in life.

Hardcover only.

PR Highlights: A Detailed look at the Lori variety of Parrot.

PHOTO Highlights: 48 Page Color Section + B/W Throughout.

Description: This title covers the biology, distribution and aviculture of every species of Lori Parrot.

JUST for BIRDS also carries Nekton Lori; the complete Lori diet – for when only the best will do.

Published in Canada.

Amazon Parrots Pages: 324
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $125.00

Containing 170 colour photographs in hard cover, this features all aspects of Amazon Parrots in aviculture and in the wild.

New for 2006 – the newest book on amazons by a world-renown author.

CAIQUES Pages: 86
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $52.00

In appearance and behaviour Caiques are among the most distinctive of parrots. Their personality is also unique. No other parrot has the same combination of characteristics: fearless, inquisitive and playful with a huge ego and a strong willpower. Their appeal is immediate: the upright stance, the cheeky manner and the unusual colour scheme. No wonder their popularity has skyrocketed with breeders and with companion parrot owners in recent years! However no reference book existed for the Caique lover! The leading avicultural bookseller in the UK told Rosemary Low (a long-time admirer of Caiques) that he was repeatedly being asked for a book on Caiques. So here it is! All the information in this book relates specifically to Caiques, except the health care section which applies to all parrots. Chapters include Captive History, Care and Housing, Diet and Nutrition, Pets, Breeding, Handrearing, Health and In the Wild.

Rosemary is no stranger to Australian Birdkeeper Magazine readers, her articles appearing in almost every issue for the past 16 years. With 25 excellent colour photographs including all subspecies and chicks at various stages of development, this, Rosemary's 25th book, is sure to satisfy.

The Loving Care of Pet Parrots Pages:: 160
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $26.50

PR Highlights: How to choose, care for, and understand parrots.

Description: How to choose, care for, and understand parrots.

90 photos and 10 illustrations.

Published in Canada.

Parrots in aviculture – A Photo Reverence Guide. Pages: 288
Author: Rosemary Low Cost: $79.80

If you have ever wandered into a pet store or zoo and wondered about the parrots, you will find them in this comprehensive photo identification guide to over 220 parrot species commonly kept in aviculture. For each bird there is a superb colour photo along with precise and informative text.

260 colour pates.

An outstanding reference guide for any level of aviculturist.

An undisputed “must have” for any avian library.

Published in Canada.

Parrot Breeding
Pages: 162
Author: Rosemary Low
Cost: $52.80
Drawing on the experiences of a lifetime of parrot breeding, Rosemary Low gives invaluable advice for beginners and other breeders with all areas of parrot breeding being discussed in detail. Includes information on purchasing, sexing, introducing males and females, nest-boxes, laying, rearing problems and solutions, parent-rearing vs. hand-rearing, selling young birds, housing, and feeding. Illustrations: Colour photos

Binding: Paperback

Size: 6" x 8.25"

Published in Canada.

Parrots A Complete Guide
Pages: 144
Author: Rosemary Low
Cost: $75.00
Rosemary Low’s manual provides clear information on the keeping and breeding of parrots. She describes their feeding, care, culture and housing. The text is completed with photographs by her hand, made in Loro Parque on Tenerife, where she was manager. A collector’s item.

1 copy left.


Fabulous Feathers, Remarkable Birds
Pages: 370
Author: Rosemary Low
Cost: $54.84
Taking us to the corners of the earth to give examples, Rosemary Low explains why birds are at risk. From the flightless, nocturnal Kakapo (a giant parrot) of New Zealand, to the amazing Californian Condor, saved from extinction by captive breeding to the believed extinct or newly-discovered brush-finches of the Andes, she recounts their fascinating and often inspiring stories. Birds inspire devotion in millions of people worldwide. Through the ages they have played an important role in the life of man but now they need our help. Escalating human populations threaten more than 12% of birds with extinction this century. In this book Rosemary Low explains why, giving examples from all corners of the earth and recounts remarkable stories of bird life.
Fascinating reading for anyone interested in birds and birding.

How to Care for & Tame your Budgerigar
Pages: 44
Author: Gil Solomon
Cost: $16.75
Review Contents
This easy to read title is a must for anyone, any age, contemplating purchasing a Budgerigar or similar sized bird as a pet. Choosing your Pet, Feeding, Housing, Finger Taming, Taking your Bird Out of its Cage, Teaching your Budgerigar to Talk and much, much more.

Birds, Cages & Aviaries
Pages: 128
Cost: $33.00
ABK, as always; provides clear and useful information for the beginner and the experienced aviculturist. Complete with an abundance of colour photos and many useful suggestions and examples of cages and aviaries.
Only a couple copies left.

The Cage & Aviary Bird Handbook
Pages: 140
Author: Tony Tilford
Cost: $33.00
Electrical and electronic engineer Tilford (Birds of Britain and Europe) combines his skill in technical photography with his lifelong passion for wildlife to produce this handbook for cage and aviary birds, covering their purchase, care and maintenance, health, and genetics and breeding. There is also a 30-page compendium of the most popular bird groups and the different species. The information he provides is comprehensive, well written, interesting, and useful, but it is Tilford's stunning, full-color photographs that set this book apart from other similar manuals and make it fun to browse as well as to read. Annotation: Explains how to set up a cage or aviary, select a species, and properly house, feed, and care for a pet bird.

Table of Contents

The Nature of Birds

Living with Birds

Obtaining Your Birds

Housing Your Birds

Feeding Your Birds

Health, Hygiene and Well-Being

Compendium of Birds

The Art of Breeding

The Parrot Problem Solver: Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behaviour
Pages: 192
Author: Barbara Heidenreich
Cost: $34.95
Aggressive behaviour is something that many companion parrot owners will unfortunately experience at some stage in their relationship with their bird. Traditionally, the use of punishment and negative reinforcement strategies has been advocated to deal with aggression in companion parrots. Barbara Heidenreich has set a new standard in companion parrot literature with The Parrot Problem Solver, a text that is focussed on managing aggressive behaviour while building highly positive relationships between parrots and their owners. Barbara presents the most progressive, and positive, suite of methodologies and insights into using positive reinforcement-based approaches, in close combination with a well-developed sensitivity to our parrots' natural behaviours, to achieve effective behaviour change.
The Parrot Problem Solver represents incredible value for money and should be considered an essential addition to the library of all parrot enthusiasts.
Barbara, with over a decade of experience as a professional animal trainer, achieves this with a style that is exceptionally digestible for both the novice and experienced parrot enthusiast alike.
So what are some of the highlights of this wonderful book?

Barbara sets up the thinking for effective parrot problem solving by offering a section on parrot behaviour in the wild.

Of enormous benefit to parrot owners is the section on reading bird body language in the context of recognizing potential aggression and avoiding conflict. Almost all cases of physical aggression, resulting in an actual bite being experienced from companion parrots, are avoidable if the owner is equipped with a tool kit of awareness of the intricacies of parrot body language.

Barbara then breaks down aggressive behaviour into categories, according to the foundations of the behaviour and the contexts within which it might be observed.

Eleven 'real world' scenarios are provided at the end of the book to fully contextualize the methodologies advocated and how they can be applied.

The Eclectus
Pages: 144
Author: Roger Sweeney
Cost: $64.00
This guide to Eclectus Parrots covers in great detail their natural and aviculture history, keeping these parrots as pets, behaviour and moods, vocal abilities, taming and training, grooming, cages and aviaries, diet, health care, breeding, and much more.
This 1994 publication was, for 2 decades; the authority on Eclectus. The scientific descriptions and photos are still referred to by any true Eclectus aficionado.
The information in this book is valid and remains a descriptive standard to this day.

Published in Canada.

Eclectus Parrots
Pages: 144
Author: Graham Taylor
Cost: $42.95
This beautiful book full of color photographs covers all aspects of the Eclectus: sub-species identification, diet housing, hand raising, health and behavior. A must have by Eclectus owners and parrot lovers alike.
Graham Taylor first saw Eclectus in 1968. He immediately bought a pair, opened a bird park 4 years later and began to study Eclectus, which; this book is the result: 35 years of observations, photos and research.
A GREAT NEW BOOK: ECLECTUS PARROTS BY GRAHAM TAYLOR This 8 1/2 x 11 book has a lot of wonderful photos, detailed information on Eclectus subspecies and detailed information on the diet and care of Eclectus parrots. Written by long time Australian bird breeder, Graham Taylor, this book is a must have for all Eclectus parrot owners. It includes chapter on companion Eclectus care by Laurella Desborough.

A Guide to Eclectus Parrots (Revised Edition)
Pages: 160
Authors: Dr Rob Marshall and Ian Ward
Cost: $48.81
This revised edition of A Guide to Eclectus Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds features a comprehensive description of all 10 subspecies, their taxonomy and identification.
Other chapters include Eclectus in the Wild, Eclectus in Captivity-As Pet and Aviary Birds, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Artificial Incubation and Hand-raising, Troubleshooting and Symptoms of Breeding Failure, Taming and Training, Colour Mutations and Genetics, Diseases and Disorders.
Featuring over 250 colour photographs this 160 page title is available in both soft and hard cover format. Just for Birds stocks the soft cover. Hard covers are available n a per-book basis.

Pages: 192
Author: Tony Tilford
Cost: $69.75
Authored by well-known aviculturist, Thomas Arndt and published by Horst Müller-Verlag Walsrode in 1986, this absolute gem of a book was, like some parrots today, thought to be extinct!
Although published nearly 20 years ago, the information, presentation and wonderful colour images are timeless. Indeed, some of the images are, in fact, historic, like the photograph taken in 1986 by Paul Roth of the last three Spix’s Macaws in the wild¾a tragic and pathetic indictment of the ignorant and unscrupulous greed that unfortunately still drives the ‘must-have’ mentality of collectors.
The photographs alone are reason enough to possess this book, with over 250 brilliant and unique images.
Where do Parrots Live

What do Parrots Eat

How do Parrots Live

What is the Breeding Behavior of Parrots

Why are Parrots Endangered and Parrot Conservation Projects.

An absolute must for the serious parrot aficionado.

Pages: 208
Author: Stan Sindel and James Gill
Cost: $67.50
This book is a field and avicultural study of the true Australian Coral-billed Parrots. Each species is discussed at length in individual chapters dealing with Field Observations, Avicultural Techniques, Breeding Procedures, Subspecies and Racial Variations. The general chapters-Housing, Diet, Management and Disease-provide detailed information on the maintenance of this group in aviaries. Species covered are the King, the Red-winged, the Superb, the Regent and the Princess Parrot. Hard cover
This book contains ideas that will appeal to the beginner as well as the more experienced aviculturist. Best of all it is an enjoyable read.

Pages: 206
Author: Stan Sindel and Robert Lynn
Cost: $67.50
Both beginner as well as experienced aviculturists will find much useful information to assist them in achieving the dream of all cockatoo breeders, to produce healthy parent reared babies. A superbly presented hard bound book with colour photographs throughout. Well written text covering Housing, Diet, Management and Diseases. Species
Palm Cockatoo, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, White-tailed Black Cockatoo, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Gang Gang Cockatoo, Galah, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Short-billed Corella, Western Long-billed Corella, Eastern Long-billed Corella, Cockatiel.

Parrot Incubation Procedures
Pages: 142
Author: Rick Jordan
Cost: $55.85
This hardcover title has become recognized as the international standard reference for the artificial incubation of parrot eggs. Set out in nine informative chapters, including The Egg, Aviculture as a Prelude to Incubation, Preparing for Incubation, Candling and Repairing Eggs, Incubation Eggs, Egg Weight Management, Hatching and Hatching Assistance, Using Chickens as Natural Incubators and Learning from your Mistakes. Helpful reference tables include Egg Weight Losses by Species, Incubation Periods and Relativity Humidity Charts. Hard cover

Additional Recommended Titles:

A Guide to Incubation and Hand-raising Parrots

Parrots - Hand-feeding and Nursery Management

Australian Soft-bill Management
Pages: 144
Author: Rosemary Hutton
Cost: $59.35
This hard bound book covers aviary studies of Wrens, Robins, Chats and Dotterels. Although not the definitive work on Soft-bills, the author’s observations and writings represent a superb resource for the aviculturist wishing to venture into the keeping of insectivorous birds. Hard cover

Limited stock.

Complete Guide to Senegal Parrots
Pages: 112
Author: Pamela Hutchinson
Cost: $39.90
Excellent information for Poicephalus lovers, this book begins with details on each of the eight other Poicephalus species:

the Cape,

Jardine's, Brown-headed,


Red-bellied, Meyer's,


and Yellow-faced Parrots.

It then concentrates on the Senegal Parrot, with advice on choosing a bird, housing, behavior, nutrition, breeding, and health.

Published: 1997

Illustrations: Colour photos and black/white drawings

Published in Canada.

Complete Guide to African Grey Parrots
Pages: 128
Author: Pamela Hutchinson
Cost: $39.90
Designed for both the pet owner and bird breeder, this book has current detailed information on the purchase, care, feeding, training, and grooming of pet greys, plus chapters on breeding African Greys that offer detailed information for cottage-industry breeders. A must-read if you have any interest in these magnificent birds! Published: 1999


Colour photos

Published in Canada.

Parrot Sense
Pages: 120
Author: John Doole Canadian author from Manitoba.
Cost: $55.25
How to protect your bird from aviculturists, nutritionists, and the merely expert! Filled with practical advice on bird keeping. Refreshingly original and funny. Published: 1993

Forward by Rosemary Low.

What a great book to have.

Worth its weight in good sound easy to use advice.

Published in Canada.

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